Game Gallery: September 15, 2014: Seattle Mariners 1, Los Angeles Angels 8

The Angels officially clinch a berth in the playoffs after beating the Mariners 8-1.

Game Gallery: September 14, 2014: Houston Astros 6, Los Angeles Angels 1

Angels drop the series finale against the Astros.

Game Gallery: September 13, 2014: Houston Astros 2, Los Angeles Angels 5

Angels move closer to a division title with their 10th straight win!


Game Gallery: September 12, 2014: Houston Astros 3, Los Angeles Angels 11

The Angels rise to their 9th straight win with a seven-run frame! The Magic Number to clinch the Division is now 5.



Game Gallery: August 31, 2014: Oakland Athletics 1, Los Angeles Angels 8

Your Angels have the swept division rival Athletics with a four game sweep at the Big A!

Game Gallery: August 30, 2014: Oakland Athletics 0, Los Angeles Angels 2

You Angels shut out the Athletics for the second night in a row with a score of 2-0 tonight at the Big A!

Game Gallery: August 29, 2014: Oakland Athletics 0, Los Angeles Angels 4

After posing for the 2014 team photo, your Angels donned throwback uniforms and took down Oakland tonight at the Big A with a final score of 4-0!

Game Gallery: August 28, 2014: Oakland Athletics 3, Los Angeles Angels 4

With Howie Kendrick’s sac fly Walkoff, your Angels extend their division lead to 2 games over the Athletics and are the first team in the MLB to win 80 games!

Game Gallery: August 27, 2014: Miami Marlins 1, Los Angeles Angels 6

Gordon Beckham hits his first home run as an Angel in tonight’s series finale win against the Marlins!



Game Gallery: August 26, 2014: Miami Marlins 2, Los Angeles Angels 8

Your Angels seize the victory over the Marlins tonight at Angel Stadium. Shoemaker pitched 7 innings, striking out 6 and giving up only 2 hits.





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