Fan Favorites Awards: Round 2

Welcome to Round 2 of the Angels Fan Favorites Awards! A few reminders before we get started:

  • The next two batches of categories will be released on Tuesday, October 28 and Thursday, October 30 right here on The Halo Way.
  • Before you vote for today’s round of polls, go vote for Round 1 if you haven’t already.
  • All polls will close on Saturday, November 1.
  • Don’t forget to use #AngelsFanFaves when posting about the awards on Twitter. We’re looking out to see who is keeping up the conversation.
  • Lastly, have fun!

Now, let’s get to the voting!

First, you’ll be deciding which Themed Event at Angel Stadium was the most entertaining this season.


We have covered your favorite position players in Round 1, so now it’s time to highlight the Most Outstanding Pitcher (or #Whiff Wizard if you will) of 2014. Note: There will be a separate category for our relievers.


Next, we have one of our unconventional categories: Best Smile! Whose pearly whites should take home the prize? Here are some photos of our nominees for reference.



It’s time to turn up the tunes and vote for the player who had the Best Walk-up Song this season. Let’s jam:


Whether you watched Angels games sitting in front of the TV with the comforts of home surrounding you, out at a restaurant or at a stadium with 30,000+ of your closest friends, we’re certain that sometimes it was impossible to contain the exhilaration of a great play or a victory. There were a lot of great moments this season. Between the options below, which one was the Most Exciting Game to Watch?


Thanks for voting! We’ll see you next week with some brand new categories.

Photo Gallery: 2014 Highlights from Angels Photographers

It was another great season through the eyes of our fantastic team photographers. Their reputable work that we have shared took you up close and personal with the players and behind the scenes of live-action games, charity events, practices, player appearances and more!

They have compiled their favorite photos from this year, which you can check out below.

-Photos by Matt Brown and Jordan Murph

Fan Favorites Awards: Round One

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls! We are excited to announce that the first round of polls have opened for the Angels’ First Official Fan Favorites Awards!

These fan choice awards will highlight superlatives of the Angels’ 2014 season through categories like Favorite Player, Most Outstanding Pitcher, Best New Food Item at Angel Stadium, etc. We will be releasing a new batch of categories on the following dates:

  • Thursday, October 23
  • Tuesday, October 28
  • Thursday, October 30

All polls will close on Saturday, November 1 and the results will be posted right here on The Halo Way on Monday, November 3.

As you will notice, we tried our best to limit the categories to a small number of choices for easy voting.

Stir up the hype of the awards by posting in the comments section below or by Tweeting with the hashtag #AngelsFanFaves. Keep up the conversation and you may be the one rewarded!

Without further ado, LET THE VOTING BEGIN!

Our first category is 2014 Fan Favorite Rookie. We’ve all seen what these young guns can do, from Shoemaker’s dominant innings, to Navarro’s exciting, first career walk-off.

Now, you’ll be voting on the Best Promotional Giveaway at Angel Stadium this season. We attempted to narrow down the choices to the most popular items, but feel free to vote for a 2014 item that is not currently on the ballot.

This poll is for the best catch of the season. Both the players and our fans made some incredible grabs, so first check out the nominees and then cast your vote below.

Calhoun in Boston

Richards vs. Dodgers

Boesch’s Diving Catch

Fan Foul Ball Catch

Trout’s No Look Catch

Next, we have Fan Favorite Player (basically our unofficial version of MVP). Note: Please steer away from voting for Angels pitchers and rookies, due to the fact that there are separate categories to vote on for those players!

Finally, it’s time to vote for your favorite section to sit in at The Big A! Were you part of the energy-packed Trout Farm or did you enjoy the bird’s-eye-view of the field in the Upper Viewing sections?

BREAKING: Angels Fan Favorites Awards are Coming Soon!


It’s true. We all wish the Angels’ 2014 postseason was filled with more champagne showers and more days for it to be socially acceptable to rock a fake Shoemaker beard in public. However, there’s no reason why we all can’t have a little fun and show our Angels spirit!

We’re starting a new tradition: The Angels Fan Favorites Awards! These fan choice awards will highlight the finest achievements and whims that contributed to the exciting season for your 2014 American League West Division Champions. Be prepared to tackle decisions on your Fan Favorite Rookie and Most Outstanding Pitcher. Some eccentric categories like Best Walk-up Song and Best New Food Item at The Big A will also be up for discussion!

There will be 3 rounds of polls. The first round of categories will be released next Tuesday, October 21st. Check back with us HERE on The Halo Way that day to begin voting. Use the hashtag #AngelsFanFaves whenever you post about the awards on Twitter… there might be something special in store for those participants that do!

While we finish gathering the nominees, let us know if there’s a certain Angels-related category that you wish to see in the awards (Comment below with your ideas). Remember, the voting will be in your hands.




2014 ALDS Game 3: Los Angeles Angels 3, Kansas City Royals 8

Dear Angel Fans, here is Game 3 of the ALDS in Kansas City on Sunday and the trip home early Monday morning through the eyes of team photographer Matt Brown and myself. Thank you fans for following and supporting this blog and our boys, we truly appreciate it.

See you in Tempe…

Jordan Murph
Photography Editor
Los Angeles Angels

2014 ALDS: Travel Day to Kansas City

Dear Angel Fans, team photographer Matt Brown and myself are on the road with the club documenting the 2014 Postseason journey. Yesterday, the team traveled to Kansas City for Today’s ALDS Game 3 match up. Here are some pictures from the road…

Go Halos!

Jordan Murph
Photography Editor

ALDS Game 2 Gallery: October 3, 2014: Kansas City Royals 4, Los Angeles Angels 1

Angels drop Game 2 of the ALDS to the Royals in extra innings. The team will look to make a series comeback on Sunday for Game 3.

ALDS Game 1 Gallery: October 2, 2014: Kansas City Royals 3, Los Angeles Angels 2

Chris Iannetta and David Freese put the Angels on board with solo home runs as the team drops Game 1 of the ALDS to the Royals.

Guidelines to #GetOctobeRED

Tis the season to be RED… it’s time to lay those blues and greens to rest and break out the color that screams ANGELS!

So what do we mean when we say #GetOctobeRED?

As the Angels vie for the ultimate prize this October, it is the fans’ duty to flaunt their RED from head to toe. Whether it be representing the Angels fish family (Trout or Salmon) with your prized jersey, continuing to design many more creative signs to wave around the ballpark or whipping out that big, RED, sparkly wig you were saving for a special occasion. Everything must be bigger and better!

Get your head in the game and help your friends and family brush up on their Angels history or relive the past events of the 2014 season to pump up the excitement. Get loud and make Angel Stadium shake with your thunderous cheers and chants. It’s time to go all out or nothing this October! If you’re superstitious, we do not discourage working in, sleeping in, eating in, kickboxing in, water skiing in, rock climbing in, interpretive dancing in (you get the picture) your Angels gear.

If you accept the task at hand, get in the spirit to support your Halos and #GetOctobeRED for our postseason journey!!

We’ll leave you with some examples:



2014 Angels Rookies

Ahhh, the annual pastime of dressing up the Rookies for a flight!


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